Talent Category: Custom

ABS Crew

ABS Crew 's sophisticated combination of acrobatics, hand-balancing, martial arts, parkour, circus arts

Aerial Crescent and Heart

Aerial Crescent and Heart can create extraordinary performances showcasing elegant balances, grace, and  impressive feats. Performances on this beautiful crescent or heart give audiences a view of aerial dance and dazzle the crowds.

Aggie Wranglers

The Aggie Wranglers is an exhibition country and western dance team formed and run solely by Texas A&M students

Air Sculpture

Air Sculpture is the blending of art and the elements- surreal and captivating this is the ultimate form of DecoTainment!

The Amazing Etch Man

“I can do this,” he exclaimed! Discovering that he could draw almost anything on “The Magic Screen” (and with lightning fast speed too), Christoph has taken the art of ETCH where it had never gone before; multimedia videos, gallery shows, conventions, parties and more!!! Today, C.B. continues to invent new, [...]

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