Talent Category: Decotainment™

The Sirens

The Sirens- This celebrated selection of captivating women evoke the time honored Sirens of the silver screen. Elegant water features unique to each woman, come to light from their gloved fingers, feminine fans, and heavenly grace. Performances vary from full stage productions, to more intimate pairings, or simply a rendezvous [...]

The Spheres – Sway Poles

The Spheres - Sway Poles is a cosmic and awe inspiring performance that takes a whimsical look at physics, the miracle of rebirth and power behind these two phenomena


Topher is an amazing performer with multiple skill sets and the ability to juggle just about anything- top that off with a great attitude and you have the complete package! Check out his light-up DIABOLO!!!  https://vimeo.com/371715550


VapShots are the future of adult beverages, inhale-able cocktails of vaporized liquor!

Vase of Venus

Vase of Venus Living Event Decor is DecoTainment at it best is over 7 fee tall and magnificent to behold

Viktor Kee

Viktor Kee is an amazing contact juggler and former Cirque Du Soliel artist. Viktor Kee was a huge success on the 2016 season of America’s Got Talent

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