Talent Category: Decotainment™


Bodypaint is an ancient art form that has been modernized, and is celebrated around the world.

Boogie Blimps

Boogie Blimps create a jolly vibe and a fun WOW factor for your events! These strolling roly-poly characters are perfect for snapshots with guests, where they showcase their wacky performance art. Available in various colors: Green, Purple, Red, White, Black, Blue, Yellow The Boogie Blimps are totally Brand-able!

Bubble People

Bubble People is a clear 10' stationery sphere, can have up to 2 performers inside and we have many costume options. It's great party entertainment!

Buffet Train

Buffet Train is comprised of two rolling buffet tables and one central stage wagon that can be pulled through the event space creating a truly unforgettable

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