Talent Category: Decotainment™

Celebration of the Americas

Celebration of the Americas was held on at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.   It was a first of its kind event bringing together over 8,000 of Amway’s corporate staff, independent business owners and their families from North, Central and South America for a 70-minute custom theatrical entertainment production featuring [...]

Chinese Dragon Dance

The Dragon dance is always a revered performance that attracts great crowds. Dragon Dance is the fierce and explosive movement of several people controlling the massive body of the dragon. The serpentine movements require speed, coordination, and power, which in all bring the majestic creature to life. Dragon Dance used [...]

Chrome Ballerinas

Chrome Ballerinas Impress your guests with “Strolling Chrome Ballet” and 21st century costuming – including chrome and faux diamond accessories.

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