Talent Category: Island/Reggae/Calypso

Breezeway Trio

BREEZEWAY TRIO is a highly versatile all-star group of musicians based in Central Florida. This group does two different types of formats, or a combination of both.

DRUM or D.R.U.M.

DRUM uniquely combines continental African and African Diasporic drum rhythms with a healthy dose of jazz, funk, R&B and Latin influences

Fin City Band

FIN CITY SONG LIST A Pirate Look At Forty Bama Breeze Boat Drinks Born On The Bayou - a Credence Clearwater cover Brown Eyed Girl - a Van Morrison cover Changes In Latitude, Changes In Attitudes Cheeseburger In Paradise Coconut Telegraph Come Monday Fins Grapefruit/Juicy Fruit Havana Daydreamin' I Will [...]

Jay-B & The Zydeco Posse

Jay-B and his top notch musicians are the driving force in introducing Zydeco to the north Texas music scene. Zydeco is a very energetic style of music originating from southwest Louisiana. It is a blend of creole, hip-hop, soul and reggae with a blues influence and is commonly referred to [...]


Bringing together salsa, calypso, soca, samba, pop and reggae - just to name a few influences - KALIMBE's uncommon style embraces a number of cultures and sounds.

Kaminari Taiko

Kaminari Taiko trained under world acclaimed TAiko Masters to lean skills, philosophy and spirit of Japanese tradition.

Kelly McGuire

Kelly made a living at music for 15 years before starting to write songs. Now 5 CDs later with songwriting awards, an Album of the Year award from the Texas Music Awards as well as nominations for Entertainer of the Year & Producer of the Year- he is living a [...]

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