Talent Category: Jazz

Vincenzo Martinelli

Vincenzo Martinelli is the winner of an Italian Government scholarship to study guitar at the Centro Romano della Gitarra in Italy and holds a Masters Degree in music.

Voice Play

Voice Play-Fit for all ages, VoicePlay's recordings and concerts are an impossible to miss hit which have to be heard to be believed.

Vox Audio

If you love to laugh, while witnessing astonishing feats of vocal skill and dexterity, don't miss VOX AUDIO !

Wayne D Holt

Wayne D Holt will help you capture that special mood for your event guests, with the charming and unforgettable sound of the guitar.

White Ghost Shivers

The White Ghost Shivers are a seven-piece band, with an accordion, upright bass, banjo, trumpet, clarinet, violin, guitar

WT Greer

A WT Greer show is an exercise in true romance featuring energetic and memorable original songs


The Premier of Xenovibes would be remembered as a show of the United Nations of Musicians

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