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Young Croatian cellists Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, together known as 2CELLOS

360 Photo Booth

360 Photo Booth technology propels a video camera, mounted on a metal arm, on a 360 degree track around a central stationary platform. The end result – a seamless, ultra engaging video, mimicking the iconic Matrix bullet-time effect that captures memories from EVERY angle!

360 Selfie Photo Booth

360° Fly Around–Featuring a robotic arm that spins around the platform to showcase your fashionable style. 360° Selfie View– Lets you catch your good side while capturing all of the excitement around you. 360° Spin Me– Gives you the full glam cam photo op; a true Hollywood exploit. Each of these options [...]

3D Projection Cubes

Our amazing 3 Dimensional Cubes are the perfect way to bring stimulating movement and excitement to your event! Each Cube is 8'x8'x8'tall and through 3D Mapping Projection, we offer a huge variety of curated content to fit any style or activation.  Dancers inside interact with the flowing graphic content such [...]

Aerial Crescent and Heart

Aerial Crescent and Heart can create extraordinary performances showcasing elegant balances, grace, and  impressive feats. Performances on this beautiful crescent or heart give audiences a view of aerial dance and dazzle the crowds.

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