Talent Category: Techno/New Age/EDM

Byrd Call

Byrd Call is an internationally renowned performance group that combines unique musical instruments with modern beats and choreography

Club 90

Club 90 is a high-energy, choreographed dance party show featuring the pop hits of the 1990s


When your normal DJ would just press play, AFISHAL plays every single note live! Remixing both audio and visuals on the spot, producing the most incredible live show. His Visual DJ Show is revolutionizing the EDM scene already racking up millions of followers on social media. AFISHAL Music specializes in [...]

DJ Barrett Turner

DJ Barrett Turner has his finger on the pulse of the EDM scene, bring his driving rhythms and full on show to your next event!

DJ Brooklyn

DJ Brooklyn-has taken her all-round powerhouse performance across the globe to some of the biggest venues in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan...

DJ Danny West

For several years, DJ Danny West has had some of the hottest venues across the country spilling over night after night. Though he hails from the sunny streets of Los Angeles where he perfected his craft over countless hours in his youth, those who appreciate music, dancing and a blazing [...]

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