3 Painters

Speed Painting with the 3 Painters: The 3 Painters is unlike any other speed painting entertainment act you've seen. As giant blank canvasses are transformed into larger than life tributes in mere minutes. The 3 Painters fuse the live performances of 3 gifted fine artists with various singers and entertainers to form an entertainment masterpiece!

Innovative.  This is a one-of-a-kind speed painter show that can be tailored to your audience to create an unforgettable performance perfect for your needs. Passionate.  Utilizing only their hands and brushes The 3 Painters create multiple speed painting masterpieces in minutes. Inspiring.   The 3 Painters is one of the most accessible and visually dramatic speed painting acts available today. A truly unique entertainment experience that will WOW your audience with UNLIMITED Possibilities! The 3 Painters have Done speed painting Shows from 6.5 to 90 Minutes… They have a variety of short, stand alone and striking, vignettes designed to deliver a statement to the audience and tailored specifically for the challenges of conventions and special events.

Types of Events:
Performing Arts Events
Publicity/ Brand Awareness
General Sessions
Product Launches

Speed Painting for Corporate Events:
As Event Entertainment, The 3 Painters is highly visual and has proven to be an extremely effective way of conveying an organization's message. This is achieved mainly via collaboration...

Speed Painting for Fundraising:
Each 3 Painters performance unveils an unprecedented opportunity for Fundraising as event pertinent paintings are created on the spot and then are available to be gifted or auctioned to raise money...