Big Fun Band Chicago

Jake and Elwood have been performing their show for over 17 years. The show features Genuine Blues Brothers music and professional non-stop choreography.These Blues Brothers can take you through the best of the 70's, 80's or 90's, dancing the whole night!

The Big Fun Revue

Jake and Elwood have been performing their show for over 17 years. The show features Genuine Blues Brothers music and professional non-stop choreography. The boys grew up in the same town as John Belushi, and actually attended the same high school. Billed as an "Entertainment Classic", the show has dazzled and energized hundreds of thousands of people across the country and around the world.

They have performed with the top names in the business, for almost every Fortune 500 company in the US and for the widest range of demographics. Featuring timeless music that is sure to entertain, the show is always recognized and remembered as BIG FUN.

Some of the hits featured in the non-stop, blues-to-the-wall review include "Everybody Needs Somebody", "Gimme Some Lovin' ", "Hey Bartender", "Hold On I'm Comin' " and "Sweet Home Chicago." With appearances by Ray Charles singing "Shake Your Tail Feather", Cab Calloway crooning "Minnie the Moocher", Otis Day screaming "Shout" and Aretha commanding a little "Respect", you'll think you were an extra on the set of the movie.

All this and BIG FUN too...we're on a mission!

With this powerful show, you have three options. The Jake and Elwood and the Band wailing away for a slick show and then they're gone. The Boys featuring BIG FUN playing music to dance to before or after their show. And finally, Jake and Elwood grooving along with their Blues Band to provide additional support

Big Fun 70s show

Break out those gold chains, white polyester suits and platform shoes and get ready to do the hustle! That BIG FUN 70s Show will have your index finger pointed toward that big Disco ball in the sky. The show features hot vocalists, Disco dancers, polyester costumes and choreography with bad hairdos that'll take you back to the days of Saturday Night Fever. All supported by the powerful BIG FUN Band. With horns blarin', guitars rippin' and the rhythm section pumpin'. That BIG FUN 70s Show will have everyone saying (and singing) "Heaven Knows" "I Love the Night Life" and, yes, "I Will Survive" the "Disco Inferno" because I gotta "Get Down Tonight." After all, "That's the Way (uh-huh, uh-huh) I Like It." This highly entertaining show is perfectly complimented by two BIG FUN jam-the-floor dance sets. That BIG FUN 70s Show!

It'll "Shake, Shake, Shake...Shake Your Booty!"

Big Fun 80s show

Pink flamingos and rum runners, pastel jackets with the sleeves rolled up, a permanent five o'clock shadow and one single guy playing a wait...NO Milli Vannili, NO techno-pop and NO single acts. Art Deco wasn't the only thing that was back in the 80s. That BIG FUN 80s Show has all the great hits from the 80s that pack a punch. Duane Sustain and his synth of doom will lead the screamin' horns and thumpin' rhythm section down through South Beach and make those flamingos dance.

Remember "Saturday's Alright for Fightin'" (or at least that what everyone looked like on the dance floor back then...) so just "Roll With It"!

Big Fun 90s show

The latin music outbreak, the rebirth (and redeath?) of swing and sequels of every movie ever made. The 90s had everything! The decade of gurus (Phil Jackson won 7 rings...6 with the Chicago Bulls and one with some other team) and re-awakening. Santana, John Lee Hooker and Bonnie Raitt all back on top. That BIG FUN 90s Show screams with all of the power that the raging bull market produced. So "Get Over It" "Funky Mama", "I Think It's Love" (hey, "Would I Lie To You"). Let's "Dance Into The Night" while we're "Living La Vida Loca"!

That BIG FUN 90s show is "Smooth"...real smooth.