Chris Carrington – Classical Guitar

Guitarist Chris Carrington, builds and plays his own guitars, playing Classical, Jazz and Nuevo Flamenco.

Christopher Carrington  grew up in  Caracas, Venezuela  and  New York City.  The richness of these diverse cultures is fused into his musical character and training along with the influence of his parents, both professional musicians (cellist and opera singer).  The pop music explosion of the sixties provided a perfect compliment for a devotion to the guitar, and at that time  Chris was already playing the violin, piano and the Venezuelan "quatro", a small four course guitar.  Upon entering college,  Chris decided  to "get serious"  with the study of  classical guitar.  His teachers include: Oscar Ghiglia, Aaron Shearer, Manuel Barrueco, Andres Segovia, and Robert Guthrie. Chris is an active luthier (guitar builder) as well, hand-building 15-20 instruments a year. His specialty: crafting Concert classical guitars, and electro-acoustic/MIDI interfacing.  He performs on his own guitars exclusively and sells the rest, many over the internet to professionals,  collectors and serious students.  Winner of  the SMU Concerto Competition Winner of the Dallas Symphony Artists Guild Award.