Eddie Coker

Building A Better Universe One Child At A Time! Eddie Coker is THE entertainer for your next family or kids oriented event!

Since 1987, Eddie Coker, an award-winning singer, songwriter, and performer, has entertained over 1,000,000 children nationwide, created his own radio show for Disney, has written music for Barney, Borders Books, and Chuck E. Cheese, and has recorded 100's of songs for children and their families.

A former opera singer, Mr. Coker spends the majority of his time presenting live musical programs (200 per year) that provide educational and spiritual support in diverse venues, such as schools, churches, temples, youth organizations, and corporations. These unique programs touch on the areas of character building, the fostering of kindness and empathy, physical fitness, and helping children to build, from an early-age, a “core” of self-valuing; a self-valuing that is essential in dealing with the world they live in.

This “core” is developed by vigilant attention to what Mr. Coker has coined “The i5.”

1.Understanding that the “inside” is much more important than the "outside." It's not about what you wear, the house you live in, or what you do...it's about who you are.
2.Developing an awareness of what it is to be still. “The heart at rest sees a feast in everything.”
3.Caring for, respecting, and being good to ourselves, each other, our earth, and our animals.
4.Remembering the gift of this miraculous, miraculous machine, our body.
5.To understand deeply that each one of us is valuable, is unique, is needed, and has a purpose on this planet. To find that purpose, despite socio-economic issues, ethnic differences, or gender, is a worthy endeavor.