Kally Price Old Blues and Jazz Band

Kally Price is a singer and songwriter rooted in old blues, jazz, and gospel.

Kally Price was exposed to old recordings in the mountains of North Carolina at a young age and joined the old blues, jazz and country band, the Lazybirds. She moved to New Orleans to sing three weeks prior to hurricane Katrina. After the storm, Kally landed here in the San Francisco Bay area where, for over 6 years, she and her all-star band have kept alive both popular and obscure blues and jazz songs from the ‘20s, '30s and '40s.

from Kally~~~ “During my first real heartbreak at age 19, I discovered old blues, jazz and gospel recordings from the late 1920s, and ‘30s, and ‘40s, and fell in love with the music. There is a purity of expression, individuality and spirituality that comes forth in the voices captured in those old recordings. It is my mission to give voice to these old songs and stories, and to make my own songs inspired by the soulfulness of the old blues, gospel and jazz masters.”


"Kally Price is powerfully herself . . . . a fully realized singer, not for the timid, someone hard to ignore. She doesn’t create background music. . . . witness a forceful performance by a musical actress with great skill and undeniable passion" --Michael Steinman, Jazz Lives Wordpress, NYC, August 19, 2011

". . . the sounds coming out of her are eerily pure 1910s, '20s, and '30s jazz and blues, often the dirty kind. Memphis Minnie, Bessie Smith and their peers seem to sing through this tiny, unpretentious woman's throat. Do you believe in reincarnation?" --Hiya Swanhuyser, San Francisco Weekly, August 23-29, 2006