Lone Star String Band

Lone Star String Band -Old-time music was first recorded in the 1920s by record companies that didn't quite know what else to call it. They labeled it "old-time" or "hillbilly" music, knowing that it was rooted in our past.

Lone Star String Band -

With its rich and varied sounds and lyrics, this was a music of the common man, played on porches and at dances throughout America, especially rural America.

When -- the Lone Star String Band -- play these old songs and fiddle tunes, it touches folks, as if it's in their DNA. They innately understand this music is about ourselves, we the people.

Folks often mistake this music for bluegrass, which came along in the 1940s. They're actually playing something even older, when much of the land was wild and wooley, like the music itself. In short, they're playing the parent music to bluegrass.

They hope you enjoy their not completely civilized music. Rest assured that while they have fun playing it, they do mind their manners.