Studio B Orchestra

Studio B Orchestra -Coordinating with your concert- and city-planners, they intentionally tailor each show appropriately for the audience to make sure they have the best possible experience!

Studio B Orchestra -
*Seasonally relevant music: reflecting and responding to current events
*AUDIENCE INTERACTION: singing characters come off-stage into the crowd; audience members pulled on-stage for fun and meaningful recognition

The program features dynamic singers and a cool orchestra performing LIVE to popular videos and some new ORIGINAL videos. There are also dancing characters, lazer lights, prizes, and much more to inspire audiences to "Feel Like a Kid Again!"
Share with your community the emotion of Broadway, the magic & awe of the Big Screen, & the excitement of a rock concert all in one uplifting, television-quality production.
Their concerts are primarily popular & classic American music, but also have several patriotic songs to incorporate for days of national celebration, ceremonial Classical pieces, seasonal songs, & movie scores: whatever your occasion, they provide the soundtrack!