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Depending on your experience with event coordination and production, you may wonder why you might need an entertainment consultant? Entertainment consulting is a deep corner of the overall production of an event. Having a top entertainment consulting firm while creating and organizing your event provides a host of benefits and, without one, a host of potential pitfalls and complications.

Entertainment Consulting: Addressing Misconceptions

You might think that entertainment consulting just adds a middleman to entertainment costs and makes things more expensive. However, hiring a reputable, skillful entertainment consulting firm will actually end up saving you money.

Is that hard to believe? We understand – it sounds too good to be true. But if you’re a bit skeptical, we’ll explain exactly how and where Bravo can save your sanity and your budget.

An experienced entertainment consultant like Bravo! Entertainment can help you navigate the pricing of entertainment acts, review the fine details of contract riders and group logistics, and provide negotiation strategies that can save you from hidden and unnecessary expenses. Bravo! Entertainment has saved clients thousands upon thousands of dollars thanks to our expertise.

Another entertainment consulting misconception is that consultants push booking the entertainment acts that will make them the most money. With a reputable consulting firm, this is not the case. At Bravo! Entertainment, our only goal is to help you find, book, and produce the best possible entertainment experience for your event.

Helping to produce thousands of events every year, we know which entertainment acts are hot and not. We also have relationships with thousands of performers and entertainment acts worldwide to help you find entertainment options perfect for your event you’re unaware of. Such as Bravo! Entertainment’s DecoTainment™ entertainment partners.

Partnering with an experienced and reputable entertainment consulting firm will save money in your entertainment budget and help you find amazing and original entertainment talent to provide performances and event experiences that will create a lasting memory for your event attendees.

Bravo! Entertainment

Consulting Benefits

It’s of paramount performance when choosing an entertainment consultant you work with an experienced and reputable name in the industry. Bravo! Entertainment expertly negotiates complex performance contracts and riders. We know how to slim down contract riders, so you pay for what you need and save yourself from hidden expenses.

Also, it’s important to partner with an entertainment consultant before you begin making inquiries with talent. The more interest an entertainment receives, the higher their fee will climb. Our finger is on the pulse of the entertainment industry, and we have the expertise to present a deal that is attractive to the act and in line with your entertainment budget.

Bravo! Entertainment has established relationships with entertainment acts worldwide, and our reputation in the industry will help you negotiate the best possible deal for a hot, in-demand act. We have worked with hundreds of artists, performers, and entertainers over the years.

As an entertainment company, we combine serious buying power, expert negotiation skills, and professional entertainment production services to ensure your event’s experience is smooth, start to finish.

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