4 Out Of 5 Doctors

4 Out of 5 Doctors is an ensemble of professional writers, actors, singers and musicians who specialize in creating and performing customized material for corporate meetings, events, and seminars.
Since the Docs began their practice in 1986, they have performed over 500 “corporate operations” for their clients.
The Docs also present their unique brand of sketch and improvisational comedy at regularly scheduled public performances.
4 Out of 5 Doctors, one of the most creative and versatile assemblage of actors/writers in the country – but they tell their mothers they’re doctors.
Here’s What They Are Saying About the Docs:
One of the best improv groups in the country. The Dallas Morning News
The top entertainment to see in Dallas. – Rolling Stone’s Guide To What’s Happening In Comedy 
If you don’t stop using this name, we’ll sue you! – American Medical Association
The best thing to happen to Dallas comedy in a long time. The Dallas Observer
The Docs show fascinates audiences… – Mark Anderson, owner of the Improvisation
Best comedy show in Dallas. –D Magazine
5 Out of 4 Doctors are the funniest seen I’ve ever thing! AFD: Dyslexic Foundation of America 
These guys will kill you. Jack Kevorkian