Based in New Braunfels, Texas, home of Wurstfest, and just a two day hike from both Austin and San Antonio, Alpine express comes with many professional credits including a five year stint with some of Walt Disney’s bigger-than-life critters at Epcot Center!

Alpine Express has been igniting audiences for over a decade with:
Supercharged Arrangements
High-Watt Humor
Power Surging Performances
Pushing the Energy Envelope and Keeping your Polka Party Mojo Flowing is What They Do Best.

The Alpine Express show combines the time tested traditions of a German Oktoberfest with some of the most talented, colorful, and fun performers you will ever enjoy! They’re fun; super musicians; and give you an upbeat show with lots of audience interaction. It’s big entertainment that keeps a great tradition alive and gets people involved in the spirit of good fun and fellowship.
Just Bring the Audience, They Do the Rest!