Architectural Dance (ArchiDance) honors nature, community, and the human spirit through dance. ArchiDance creates a blend of dance, sport, ritual, and environmental awareness. Inspired by the possibilities of climbing and rappelling, the choreography draws on aerial, vertical, and horizontal movement to craft dances, many site-specific.

ArchiDance challenges the expected relationship between movement and gravity, stimulates viewers’ awareness of their natural and built environments and brings dance to large, diverse new audiences.

“There’s fine structure to the choreography, with metaphorically suggestive motifs that build and give the work coherence.”- San Francisco Examiner
“The aerial gymnastics are awe-inspiring, and frankly beautiful, and the company showed enormous creativity and complexity in its final piece, ‘Bach Wall,’” – Boston Globe
“A performance that transcends boundaries of all kinds – gravitational as well as artistic. . . a truly awe inspiring performance.”-Art Papers, North Carolina Arts Council
“A revolutionary experience.”  -Danceview Times Chronicle
“A new definition of freedom.” -San Francisco Chronicle
“A triumph over limits!” -SF Weekly
“The work achieves a kind of sublime alchemy. Art and sport instead of diluting or neutralizing  each other, meld to create something greater, something bracingly original.”  -Oakland Tribune
“They turn gravity sideways, tweaking an immutable law of physics with the illusory powers of a magician.. . . an artful spectacle. . . .” -Houston Chronicle