Beale Street Flippers

A favorite halftime act for most NBA and major college basketball teams!


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Beale Street Flippers

They amazed America as semi-finalists on America’s Got Talent, and they’ve become a favorite halftime act for most NBA and major college basketball teams. They also perform around the country at baseball stadiums, corporate and tradeshow events, festivals, even weddings. A great opener for a business conference, the Flippers are better than caffeine!

No mats. No trampolines. No gloves. Just raw acrobatic talent. Combining street smarts with athleticism and professionalism, the Beale Street Flippers will leave you breathless. But don’t take our word for it — watch the video, then contact us for a booking today.

“The Beale Street Flippers are truly amazing!” — Shaun Stanhibel, Phoenix Suns
“They crushed it! Loudest halftime cheers they have ever gotten and probably the loudest I’ve heard.” — Adam Hines, Cleveland Cavaliers
“talented performers who really know how to work a crowd and build a show. The Flippers capture the attention of the most fickle fans and create a real buzz.” —
“The Beale Street Flippers were great as usual. The fans love them, as they are great performers. They are a pleasure to work with — very professional. We look forward to having them here again in the future.” — Chimeng Tran, Sacramento Kings
“Extraordinarily talented group of guys!” — Tenna Scott, Magna International
“The Beale Street Flippers did a great job. On time, prepared, executed exactly what was desired.” — Bob Bean, Transnetyx
“The Beale Street Flippers nailed it! The energy in the building was incredible. The team’s owner and his wife were sitting in their seats courtside for the performance, and I’ve never seen them enjoy an act as much as they did last night. They were laughing, clapping, and even gave a standing ovation along with the rest of the crowd.” — Tyler Cofer, Oklahoma City Thunder
“Our crowd very much enjoyed the performance of the Beale Street Flippers. They simply ROCKED IT! The place was going crazy and gave a standing ovation after their performance.” — Maurice Brazelton, Sacramento Kings
“An amazing performance, as always! Dallas Mavericks’ fans LOVE the Beale Street Flippers!” — Kirsten Seiter, Dallas Mavericks
“The Beale Street Flippers did a great job, and I have heard nothing but great comments since the game.” — Doug Morgan, Indiana Pacers
“The Beale Street Flippers were the hit of our conference! Many thanks for making the trip.” — Catherine Jackson, General Mills/Canada
“The Beale Street Flippers are absolutely killing the shows this year! The crowd reaction has been tremendous.” — Brandon Anthony, Memphis Grizzlies
“The Beale Street Flippers were a significant distraction for the opposing team, who can’t help but be enthralled by the Memphis acrobats. Grizzlies get to strategize while the visitors are forced to idolize — and it’s working so far.” —
“The Beale Street Flippers are our highest-rated halftime act.” — Karly Skladany, Orlando Magic
“I had the Beale Street Flippers perform at our wedding, and I just wanted to let you know what an amazing job they did! People are still talking about their performance. It was really such an honor for me to have them be part of that special day. What a gift those guys have!” — Kelly Hoover, bride