“Hey!” shouts a surprised and bemused man in the audience.
“Where’s my watch?”
Bob Arno doesn’t look back. In a swift dash through the audience with a warm handshake here, a Machiavellian greeting there, he darts deftly toward the stage. In 30 seconds he’s grabbed the valuables of many and the rapt attention of all.
Zero to hilarity in 60 seconds. Have you got a minute? Because that’s all it takes for Bob Arno to shift an audience through a full range of emotions: confusion, surprise, admiration, intrigue, and awe. From then on, he maintains a steady pace of hilarity. Comedy, satire, and slick scams are cleverly blended into a superbly-executed professional demonstration of pickpocketing, revealing the sly tricks of pickpockets who prowl city streets worldwide.

Suave and foxy, the gentleman thief doesn’t stop at the usual pinching of wallets, watches, and pocket contents. Nothing a “victim” possesses is safe from Bob Arno’s lightning lifts. Although he makes his brand of thievery respectable, he nevertheless generates a lurking sense of danger, proving again and again that no one is immune to his cunning diversions. His blend of brilliant thievery, pure visual hilarity, and savage wit makes him a first-class sensation at corporate affairs and special events worldwide.
Exclusive video footage is projected, of actual street crime as it happens. These are not re-enactments, but real pickpocket and other street thieves caught in the act, as only Bob Arno could catch them. As an integral part of the presentation, this film footage informs, amazes, and prepares the audience for Bob’s next segment, a dramatic and comedic take on how it really happens.

In an age of junk-food entertainment and formula humor, Bob Arno redefines dynamic comedy. His devilish antics bring forth every range of laughter, starting with a few knowing chuckles and building to a tumultuous roar of comic hysteria. His pace is relentless; the result an explosion of mystery, mockery, and acid-sharp reality. His non-stop commentary makes heads spin, while people actually double over with laughter, gripping handkerchiefs to their eyes.

Tasteful enough for the most conservative business affairs, The Art of the Steal is always tailored to suit the clientele. Its interactive format results in a high-impact and exciting entertainment event when the typical stand-up comedian or magician just isn’t enough.
This highly visual comedy breaks all language barriers. However, Bob speaks English, French, German, all the Scandinavian languages, and a little Japanese.