Bravo Drone Shows

Next-generation advertising and story telling in the sky!


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Bravo Drone Shows

From aerial logos to brand messaging and everything in between, our aerial light shows bring out the best in what your brand has to offer. Our experienced team has brought the art of drone light shows all across the country for community events, sports teams, businesses, artists, and brands. Drone light shows and aerial performances are redefining the future of entertainment on an immense scale. Whether you’re hosting an event, promoting a launch, or building brand awareness, our US-based team is here to take your moment to the sky and beyond.

Tell a Story
Showcase the authenticity of your brand with UAV light shows that bring your business or event to life. Render scenes, 3D animations, and lifelike motions that take your story to the sky.

Stand Out
Our drone light shows are made to inspire both on video and in person. With a myriad of drone trajectories, light capabilities, and customizations, each performance spreads across social media at the speed of flight.

Custom Show Design
We will work to match your brand. We can put your logo in the sky, hundreds of feet across. More drones means more detail.
Put a QR code in the sky that points viewers to your site, and have your brand colors and identity shine through.

Photo/Video Production
Create something unique that can’t be faked. We have experience working with film crews and have the capacity and technology to help get that perfect shot. Don’t have your own video team? We can handle filming and/or live streaming your drone light show.

Social Media Gold
Social media is vital to brand success, and when you create something at such a large scale in a unique manner not likely seen before, people can’t help but share with their friends! Our drone light shows can help boost your social media engagement.

Super Size Your Visibility
Grand opening? Spotlights may draw a little interest, but imagine your logo spinning in the air 300 feet across! Instant recognition and location. We can also put your URL in the sky, or a functional QR code to direct viewers to your website.