Buddy Holly Tribute is dynamite two-act show featuring such hits as “That’ll Be the
Day”, “Peggy Sue”, “Oh Boy and “Rave On”.  Zachary Stevenson presents Buddy Holly so
perfectly that we seem to be watching a genuine replica of the nerdy, and hip young
Texan. He has the guitar licks down to a “t” and his superb vocals make him equally
comfortable with the sweet ballads or on-the-edge rock-a-billy songs… including Holly’s
trademark hiccup and energetic dance moves that often brings the audience to their feet.

Having led a dozen sell-out productions of the Buddy Holly Story across Canada and the
US with well over a thousand performances under his belt, Stevenson is a true showman
who exudes charm and knows how to connect with an audience.

Above and beyond the music, Zachary weaves in engaging stories about Buddy and of
his personal experience in the role including his travels to Iowa, New Mexico and Texas
seeking a greater understanding of the man and his music. He gives context to the songs
and pays tribute to Buddy’s friends- The Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens, Dion and Eddie
Cochrane and delivers a dynamic show uniquely his own. Zach will have the audience
singing along to “Teenager in Love”, sighing over “True Love Ways” and dancing to the
“Hand Jive” in a captivating performance that transcends the generation gap and proves
Buddy’s music is timeless and will “Not Fade Away”.