Burt Hairgrove – Champion Trick Roper

Trick-rope artist Burt Hairgrove is doing his part to keep the Wild West alive.


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Burt Hairgrove - Champion Trick Roper

This native Texan has been roping since the age of ten. This native Texan grew up on land that was homesteaded by his family in 1859 and learned to rope from his father. Entering his first rodeo at age ten and roping competitively through high school and college, Burt gradually transformed his love for roping into a career in entertainment.

Burt’s skill with a rope has taken him from one end of the country to the other…even to The White House to perform for the President! A seasoned traveler, Burt has even lived and worked in Paris, France in the re-creation of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show for EuroDisney.
Bring a real part of the west to your next event with trick roper Burt Hairgrove.