Christopher – The Puppeteer

Long poles and four adult-sized puppets – with Christopher in the middle – turn this one man into an entire dance troupe.


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Christopher - The Puppeteer

The 2002 Grand Prize winner in the “30 Minutes to Fame” TV competition uses poles to move his act into the realm of one of the most creative and unique self-invented puppeteers seen anywhere in the world.
Let it suffice to say that utilizing long poles and four adult-sized puppets — with Christopher in the middle – the talented artist is able to be all five Village People at one time, full-fledged dancing and other movements included.

It was the day after Halloween back in 1985 that Christopher, then a factory worker, first came up with the concept, which he thought was impossible at the time. He had entered a Halloween costumes contest and had lost and afterwards pondered what he could have done to have won.
“At the time, Michael Jackson was really famous and the song ‘Thriller’ was really big,” Christopher recalls. “I thought to myself, what if I could have been all of the Jackson 5? I then started thinking about how I could be five people and thought of life-sized puppets. Somewhere in that thought process, I began to see it less as a costume and more as an act.”

Christopher’s big break came shortly afterwards when he appeared on “The Late Show” starring Joan Rivers. Before he could go on, however, Rivers was fired and the show continued with guest comedians. Christopher ended up being on the very first show that Arsenio Hall hosted. It was a show that Arsenio’s good friend Eddie Murphy was watching. Murphy flipped over Christopher’s act and ended up taking Christopher on the road with him around the country as his opening act for his “Raw Tour” for three months in 1987.

Since that time, Christopher has performed at the Ford Theatre for President George Bush Sr. (1990) and has been seen on TV shows, including the “American Comedy Awards (1995), “The 30th Anniversary of Caesars Palace (1996) and, of course, “30 Seconds to Fame” (2002) America’s Got Talent (2016) to name a few.
He has performed for 2 US Presidents, Prince Rainier of Monaco and Princess Margaret of England. He’s been featured at casinos in Monte Carlo, Switzerland, Bahrain (in the Middle East) and Atlantic City. His indefinite engagement in “Ovation,” however, is his first long-term gig in a variety show.