D. Westry Speed Painter

D. Westry Master Speed Painter is a pioneering speed painter/performer and speaker


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D. Westry: Speed Painter

His specialty is his “Speed painting” and “Lines of Creation,” a stage act in which he quickly creates larger than life masterpieces within minutes. As a “Speed Art” pioneer, D. Westry has been developing his original speed art innovations since the 1970’s as a child prodigy. From the 1980’s on into the 90’s, D. Westry became renowned as “The Talent Show King,” winning first place awards in every competition he’s entered. Also, D. Westry became famous worldwide for his “upside down” performance art technique, which has proven to be one of the most influential art expressions of this generation. He is a highly sought after speed painter for corporate and charity events. His amazing show can be tailored to any event or theme.

D. Westry will wow your audience with his unique flare, quick hands, and his amazing masterpieces. His personality and sense of humor will also help create a fun and exciting setting for the event. He has worked and received invitations from some of the greatest places in the world, such as the US, Malta Island, China, Dubai, Doha Qatar, just to name a few.