Dallas Black Dance Theatre (DBDT)

Dallas Black Dance Theatre (DBDT) is the contemporary modern dance company of Dallas.


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Dallas Black Dance Theatre (DBDT)

Founded in 1976 by Ann Williams, the mission of Dallas Black Dance Theatre is to create and produce contemporary modern dance at its highest level of artistic excellence through performances and educational programs that bridge cultures and reach diverse communities. With an ever-expanding national and global audience, the company employs a diverse, multi-ethnic troupe of dancers performing for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Dallas Black Dance Theatre celebrates being the oldest, continuously operating professional dance company in Dallas. Under the direction of Ann Williams, Founder/Artistic Director, the ensemble, a contemporary modern dance company, consists of 12 professional, full-time dancers performing a mixed repertory of modern, jazz, ethnic and spiritual works by nationally and internationally known choreographers. Over the course of its history, DBDT has performed for 2.5 million arts patrons and 1.5 million children worldwide (40,000 annually youth grades K-12).

Available for booking during the fall months of September, October, November, December and the Spring Months of February, March, April and May; the Company is a diverse multi-ethnic troupe that consists of well trained, exciting and skillful dancers that thrill, excite and leaves its ever expanding audiences asking for more. The Company is available for residencies that include master classes, workshops, children and senior citizen matinees, lecture-demonstrations and full evening performances.
Under the leadership of its Founder/Artistic Director, Ann Williams, the Company’s mission is to create and produce contemporary modern dance at its highest level of artistic excellence.

The Company travels with 12 dancers, Lighting Director, Associate Artistic Director and Founder/Artistic Director.
Current repertoire includes ballets by Christopher Huggins, Elisa Monte, Ben Stevenson, Hope Boykin, Nejla Yatkin, Ray Mercer, Bruce Wood and others.
Past notable performances have included The Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center out of Doors Festival, National Black Arts Festival, Dublin, Ireland, South Africa, Bermuda Festival, Black Arts Festival in Vienna, Austria. Harare International Festival in Zimbabwe and Seville, Spain, Sicily, Italy and Lima, Peru.