Dinner in the Sky

The Sky is NO LONGER the Limit! a flying dinner table baptized the Dinner in the Sky serves a spectacular dining experience!


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Dinner in the Sky

Over the time, we have arranged more than 5,000 events in cities ranging from Paris to Las Vegas, as well as in Sydney, Cape Town, Dubai, Bogota or Sao Paulo. All these events were unique, one of a kind. They were incredible dinners, of course. We can cite, for example, the event organized in the skies above Monaco for Prince Albert with France’s most highly ‘starred’ chef, Joel Robuchon, in command. But they also introduced new creative concepts such as a Beach Bar in the Sky, an Opera in the Sky with Lesley Garrett singing at the Tower of London, an Internet Café in the Sky for Nokia in Las Vegas and a PokerMatch in the Sky at the Grand Prix Moto of Jerez.

The most glittering stars of gastronomy took their place behind our stoves: from Pierre Gagnaire to Marc Veyrat, from Heston Blumenthal to Anton Mosimann, from Dani Garcia to Paco Roncero, from Alain Passard to Yannick Alleno,… We flew over the most magical places imaginable: the Strip of Las Vegas, the gardens of the King David Hotel, the Marina of Dubai, the hills of the Villa Borghese, the banks of the St. Lawrence River, the beach of Copacabana and Cape Town bay, to name a few… The world’s leading media showed their interest in the concept: ABC, NBC, TV Globo… the Herald Tribune, Le Monde, the Frankfurter Algemeine… People Magazine, Elle, Forbes… World renowned celebrities took their place at the dinner tables: Prince Albert of Monaco,Hiromi Izawaki, Oscar B. Goodman… The originality of the event’s concept and its effectiveness were recognized via a Globe Award in Boston, the SMB Advisor Award in Dubaï, a Trophée Heavent in Deauville…
This kind of success was possible thanks to the 2 golden words guiding all our activities: Exclusivity and Safety. The sky is a dream that has always fascinated human beings. Today people want to have extraordinary experiences, each dreaming of something different from his neighbour. Our mother company, Events in the Sky, wants to offer its clients the most exclusive experiences one can imagine in a totally safe way. Whether it is a wedding above the Grand Canyon or the Venice lagoon…Or a three-star dinner in the skies above the Jardins des Tuileries gardens in Paris…Or a business meeting above the City of London…Or a piano concert overlooking Sydney Bay…Or a cinema showing above the Bay of Angels in Cannes… All of these dreams are attainable thanks to Events in the Sky.

Safety is the second golden word. All our concepts are designed according to the German norm DIN 4112. Our products are built in Belgium under the control of the TÜV. We devote painstaking attention to every detail in order to maximize security and ensure that our guests always feel perfectly safe. This obsession with safety is one of the reasons why Dinner in the Sky is now operating in over 45 countries and hasgained official authorization from the toughest countries, including France, Canada, Australia and Israel.

This adventure was also made possible thanks to all our partners who provide Dinner in the Sky unique experiences all over the world. So far we have over 40 operational countries: Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Finland, Lituania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine, Russia, England, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, Morocco, Lebanon, United Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, South-Africa, India, Japan, China, Brazil, Colombia, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Florida and Las Vegas.

Another important issue within Events in the Sky is innovation. This leads us to develop a great many concepts allowing people to live their dreams. Innovation is why four years ago Meeting in the Sky was launched, which gives companies the opportunity to organize a product presentation, a conference, a concert or a meeting for up to 30 guests at … 50 meters altitude. Marriage in the Sky offers couples the opportunity to get married just as they would in church with a priest, witnesses, family members and friends, an organ, but in the clouds, among the angels and at 50 meters above ground. This platform can also be used for Swing in the Sky, which gives golfers the incredible experience of playing their swing from 50 meters in the sky!

The new generation of Dinner in the Sky, Lounge in the Sky, also demonstrates our commitment to helping people bring their dreams to life. This new platform lets you share a dinner or a glass of Champagne with friends while listening to the sounds of Ghanaian drummers; arrange a match of bridge or poker; sip Brandy while enjoying a fine Havana cigar; play a round of baccarat while being entertained by French Cancan dancers; participate in a quiz or a talk show broadcast live from the stars; attend a DJ jam session … all from an altitude of 50 meters. Everything can be envisaged, and this perfectly illustrates that we are not offering a mere product, but an exclusive experience customizable by each and every client.