Dinosaurs ALIVE

Dinosaurs are timeless and remain a talking fantasy amongst us all.


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Dinosaurs ALIVE

There is a reason why our beloved dinosaurs are timeless and remain a talking fantasy amongst us all…
The Tyrannosaurus Rex; arguably one of the most popular dinosaurs among the Jurassic enthusiasts. Despite the ferocious connotation, our own T-Rex named Rocket, is one of the most loving dinosaurs you will ever encounter. He simply loves the attention of crowds and certainly does not mind roaring himself into a group selfie pic. We dare you try it.

Our swifty-natured Raptor, Razor, gained his popularity from the blockbuster movie hit- -Jurassic Park. Humbled and extremely sociable, despite the fact, Razor is a lovable, friendly dinosaur that enjoys a good party. He is always looking for the next invite or he could be the greatest party crasher you’ve ever had. In late 2016 Razor decided he wanted feathers.

Our admirable verdant T-Rex, Rocco is passionate about inspiring joy and wonder in children. It’s incredible how observant Rocco is about his surroundings and how quickly he is the focus of attention. The awesome beast clearly indulges attention and uproars if the spotlight is taken away from him. But the question is, will Rocco allow you to get all the attention at your birthday party. Grab your camera, best outfit and put your best smile forward – a little curiosity can lead to some pretty big discoveries.

Move over boys! There is a new leading diva in town. Her name is Riley and she is our first female dinosaur to arrive. She is far from shy and quite the crowd pleaser. Her shameless, social antics has taken her reputation as one of the most entertaining dinosaurs of the bunch. Shusshh, don’t tell the boys that but it’s true. Riley the Velociraptor is ready to get social and entertain your next event.

Rocket’s younger and overly zealous brother joined the family in late 2015. (no signs of sibling rivalry here, thank goodness!) However, Rocket-X is different from big brother–Rocket. He’s not the fastest dinosaur, but he wows the crowd with his massive size, dark skin tones, and pearly whites. Perfect for photo ops! Kids are never intimidated by Rocco’s size. On the contrary, they love his energetic playfulness and silly camera poses

Our second female dinosaur to join the Jurassic Extreme family is arguably the most timid one of the pack. But, don’t mistake timidness with size, Remy is our biggest dinosaur who displays her grandeur with sheer looks. She takes great pride in being a Spinosaurus and as she should. Showing off her impressive, long snout and hump-like spine, Remy is undoubtedly an headline attraction. She may be a shy one but definitely not in front of cameras. She looks great and she knows it too:)