DJ Melissa Richey has been in the music and nightlife scene for over ten years with experience in a variety of events, from Festivals, nightclubs, fashion shows and special events with CBS Radio Group since 2013.  She has played alongside some of the industry biggest names like Bro Safari, Ape Drums, Darude, Kennedy Jones, AFK, Scotty Boy and more.  She is loved by a global fan base and is sure to bring an amazing vibe to any event!

Ever since Melissa first heard Beck’s “Where It’s At” she knew what she wanted to do with her life — “lie, cheat, or steal to get myself two turntables and a microphone. Well guess what? That’s what I did, and ever since I’ve been spinnin’ the sickest, illest tracks and packin’ the dance floor with party people who raise the roof night after night. It’s not their fault, ’cause I make it too hard for them to just sit there on their hands. Nope, daddy’s gotta get down, son!”

With years of experience under her belt, you won’t find a more qualified, dignified or electrified person to throw down the music for your special event. DJ Melissa Richey is ready and waiting for you to hire her for your event!