Edible Selfies

What!? Eat your face! Yes indeed!


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Edible Selfies

STRIKE A POSE. GET LIVE LASER-CARAMELIZED ONTO MACAROONS. This ain’t your typical photo booth. We bring to your event our laser cutting and engraving machine usually found only in architecture and design studios, and use it to laser-caramelize photos onto macaroons and cookies. The machine can cut through wood and metal, but with some magically precise settings, we can get it to toast the tops of confections. There’s no ink involved — just lasers!

With our state of the art technology we can capture your likeness on a macaroon! Eat it, keep it give it to a friend or loved one! this amazing activation can produce 1 Edible Selfie a minute and will delight your guests and attract everyone’s attention. Macaroons are brand-able as well!