Fear No Ice

Fear No Ice will give you and your attendees an experience which will not soon be forgotten.


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Fear No Ice

Celebrating 25 Years with new shows! Fear No Ice live performance shows can now include costumed fire performance artists! NOW offering three different products in regards to live sculpting. Fear No Ice is our live show performance, Icemen is a live demo, and our newest show is RÉVÉLER! A FIRE AND ICE SHOW which includes costumed women performers.

The average show is about 15-20 minutes, the length of our shows are completely flexible and mostly up to the client’s time frame and agenda for the event. We can do any show and have the same end result in whatever time frame is given to us. It doesn’t matter if you give us 5 minutes or 20 minutes, In all our shows, some difficult pieces are pre-sculpted. They are done ahead of time and waiting to be incorporated in the final design.