Flash Mob Universe

Fuse your audience directly with the show that’s happening on stage – flash mob style!


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Flash Mob Universe

Junky objects, syncopated street percussion and fun choreographed dance moves make this an interactive hit.

Option One: Complete with a simple YouTube training video, your guests join in live with what’s happening on stage.
Option Two: The 2 minute performance on stage which then takes to the floor and instantly engages your audience in a flash mob experience with NO preliminary rehearsal by your guests Production Requirements: Theatrical lighting and 20 ft x 20ft stage size suggested. PA sound system + CD player required. Single song performance time – approximately five (5) minutes

Other Flash Mob Themes can be designed for your audience to watch or jump in on the action:
Break Dance Battle, Disco Throw Down, Gospel Choir, A Chorus of Angels, TAP, Western Round Up, Custom Productions just for you!