Flashback Heart Attack

This 80’s cover band has backed up Alice Cooper, Eddie Vedder, opened for The Romantics and played for Green Day and Dave Grohl!


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Flashback Heart Attack

There are a lot of 80s cover bands. Some good ones, some not so good. Problem is, some put whatever it takes on a website (even false claims) to get your attention.

80s cover band Flashback Heart Attack is more than just flashy outfits, occasional choreography and funny stage shtick. Flashback Heart Attack plays the biggest hits of the 80’s with precision, reverence and a whole lot of love. The band has backed up Alice Cooper, Eddie Vedder, opened for The Romantics and played for Green Day and Dave Grohl! Flashback Heart Attack has been hired by the U.S Military, Grammy winners, Superbowl Champions, Hall of Fame members. Flashback Heart Attack is hired repeatedly by classic institutions like Disneyland to headline their biggest events. Flashback has partnered with global charities like Make a Wish, Habitat for Humanity and many others.

Clad in a choice of the authentic red leather suits, black tie, hair metal or yacht rock attire, the coronary cohorts of this engaging new wave 80s cover band perform faithful, high-energy renditions of monster jams like “Jessie’s Girl” “Your Love” “Just Like Heaven” and “Don’t Stop Believin” with engaging delivery. Most 80s cover bands try their best – Flashback Heart Attack does it effortlessly

Said by many, Flashback Heart Attack redefines the 80’s experience. It’s a high energy, highly specialized, Nationally acclaimed 80s show that will have guests talking well after the event is over.

“No one plays more hits with spot on accuracy than 80s cover band Flashback Heart Attack. Flashback covers it all in one night keeping the dance floor packed and guests of all ages engaged. It’s very unique – edgy but yet age appropriate. A definite crowd pleaser.“

Endorsed by celebrities and enjoyed by anyone with a hearty dose of nostalgia for the era of hairspray-induced ozone abuse, Flashback Heart Attack is the ultimate new wave 80’s cover band and will leave a lasting impression on concert goers long after the curtain has been drawn.

“Hands down, the best 80’s band/experience you will ever have! I can’t say enough about how amazing Flashback Heart Attack is. I promise, you will not stop dancing and singing, ALL night long. They helped give my husband and our friends the party of the year! For us, there really is no other option for an 80s cover band…. Flashback Heart Attack is all you will ever need! Book them, you will see.” – Morgan M

Charities like Make a Wish, Habitat for Humanity, Pediatric Cancer Research, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to name a few. 80s cover band Flashback Heart Attack would be honored to make your event something special.