Flight Crew Jump Rope

As seen on MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew”, “America’s Got Talent” and “Cirque Dreams” in various places around the world.


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Flight Crew Jump Rope

Flight Crew Jump Rope’s full of talented jumpers with years upon years of performance experience. Members perform regularly for cirque-style shows and theme park attractions, as well as sports half-times and business conventions. Nothing pumps up a crowd quite like the high-energy sport of jump rope. Flight Crew also specializes in school assemblies combined with motivational messages of health and fitness, the importance of teamwork, and pursuing one’s goals.
How It All Started

Lee Reisig started jumping rope at the age of 8 in Bozeman, MT when his mother decided to start her own team-The Rocky Mountain Ropers- after seeing a performance by a touring team from Idaho. Although reluctant at first, Lee finally attended his first practice and was hooked immediately. Lee continued to jump all the way through high school making quite a name for himself on the national stage.