Flying Balalaika Brothers

Flying Balalaika Brothers represents a blend of traditional world music and original musical pieces.


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Flying Balalaika Brothers

The Story:
The Original Flying Balalaika Brothers were formed in Los Angeles in 1995 by Zhenya Kolykhanov (a.k.a. Z Rock), the former lead guitarist of the Russion surf/rockabilly group Red Elvises. The group started as a street band and later transformed into the group Red Elvises; which had a large history of performing for clubs, motion pictures, and tv shows in California.

After Zhenya set up shop in Austin TX, he reestablished The Flying Balalaika Brothers. The band represents a blend of traditional world music and original musical pieces. The group has found a home in the musically rich culture in Austin TX.

Flying Balalaika Brothers
“With their ongoing Monday night Red Army Surrender Jam at Ruta Maya, the Flying Balalaika Brothers have proven commanding gypsy punks. Those sprawling, weekly marathons can include up to nine members, but the Soviet expatriates’ self-titled debut was recorded by its core trio Zhenya Kolykhanov, Sergey Vashchenko, Aleksander Kouznetzov with emphasis on the balalaika, a triangular stringed instrument of Russian origin…
The result is rich with old European street charm (“Kuma,” “Tsygan Shukara”), Middle Eastern folk (“Ashkhabad”), and brushfire Americana (the Leeann Atherton-guested “Thank You”). Whispered bluegrass lament “Can’t Leave This Way” one of only three songs in English would benefit from getting lost in translation, but standout “Cumbia de la Carretera” proves these Brothers deserve a place in Austin’s new world order.”
-Austin Powell The Austin Chronicle