German Folk Dancers

Folk Dancers-have been performing authentic dances and music from Germany and Austria for many years. Audiences watch as the dancers execute hearty Schuhplattlers (shoe-slapping dances), intricate Ländlers (figure dances), and a variety of specialty dances. And for something really unique, they even play familiar German and Austrian songs on the cow bells!

Spectators become participants as they sway back and forth to the music, sing traditional Bavarian songs, and join us in some popular dances including the “Zillertaler Hochzeitstanz”, “Alte Kamaraden”, “Anton aus Tirol”, and everyone’s favorite… the “Duck Dance”!
They add color, excitement, and an authentic flair to any festival or party by providing the dances, music, and Gemütlichkeit (happiness, camaraderie, and warm feelings) that will make your event one to remember.