Four Day Weekend

A 4-man improv comedy experience!


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Four Day Weekend

In 1996, David Wilk, Frank Ford, David Ahearn and Troy Grant decided to unify their diverse talents and created their own improvisational comedy show.

Wilk, Ford and Grant had prior experience as improvisors, but after studying extensively at the renowned Second City, they realized there was a different level of improvisation being done in Chicago. Hoping to capitalize on their training at Second City, the group set out to usher in the art of improvisation to the Southwest. With nothing more than a bold idea and ambition, Four Day Weekend was given a limited six-week run at Casa’s Theater on the Square. After just over a year of routinely selling out the 125 seat Casa on The Square, Four Day Weekend packed up the show and moved into the beautiful 212 seat Caravan of Dreams. The cast has made the Caravan their home ever since.

The show has achieved national acclaim and now tours around the country performing both public and corporate shows weekly. Six years and running, more than 150,000 people have seen Four Day Weekend. The show has been named Best Comedy Troupe by the Ft. Worth Star Telegram and Best Theater/Best Comedy Troupe by FW Weekly and is the longest running show in Texas history.

“As good as improve gets . . .
Impressive…Long on Laughs!”
The Dallas Morning News
“Satirically sharp and hilarious!” “Big laughs!”
Ft. Worth Star Telegram
“… funniest men in town – possibly the nation.”
FW Magazine