After graduating in 1984 with a highly esteemed Master’s degree in guitar mastery, in which he studied under Alexandre Lagoya, Pepe Romero and Celidonio Romero to name a few. Giancarlo then followed up his accomplishment with numerous concerts in Europe and later Mexico.

As in many cases when the student excels they often become the teacher. Giancarlo has taught in various Music orientated universities including those in Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, and Mexico.
In a show of true versatility Giancarlo performed in the “Concierto d’Aranjuez” with the Belgium Orchestra in 1985. Leading to other various appearances with other orchestras such as the “Orchestre de Chambre de Wallonie.”
A chance meeting in the South of France later led to Giancarlo performing with the legendary Manitas de Plata. They were discovered by Brigitte Bardot and are related to the pop band Gypsy Kings.
Then it was on to bigger and better events, for instance the time period of 1991 to 1994 he entered in the Reine Fabiola, (Queen of Belgium) an important competition for guitar players.

Since his evolution from childhood dreams into adulthood realities Giancarlo began to release numerous records and then he went on to be featured on other European celebrities’ albums. To name a few; Plastic Bertrand, Company Creole and for Pino Latucca the pianist for Charles Aznavour and Enrico Marcias. It was then that they wrote the copy written masterpiece Baillando con Pepita.
His individual albums all gems in their own rights such as Dolce Vita, and the self titled Giancarlo have found their ways into homes across the world.

To add to the already impressive resume Giancarlo can perform in several languages such as Italian, French, Spanish, English, Japanese and Tagalog.
From a the tender age of three to the established musician he has become, Giancarlo has never stopped his open flow of emotions to those that support him. He continues to amaze on a regular b