Grupo Pakal Mayan Dance Troupe

Grupo Pakal, Mayan Performing Arts presents live exhibitions of the sacred Mayan Ballgame. Two teams compete in this ancient team sport, hitting a solid rubber ball weighing about 9 pounds with their hips. Grupo Pakal’s impressive ballgame exhibitions are living historical representations of an all but lost art. Only a small number of players exist worldwide and even fewer know the art of making the ancient ball. Grupo Pakal has rediscovered the ball-making process and actively trains ballplayers in effort to preserve this important part of Mayan culture and history.

Grupo Pakal, Mayan Performing Arts, proudly celebrates Mayan culture through ancient ceremonial dance rituals to traditional native music. Live performances exhibit stunning wardrobe and elaborately feathered headdresses, each a uniquely handcrafted work of art. According to ancient tradition, each design exclusively utilizes natural materials including leather, shell, semi-precious stones, and exotic feathers. Audiences of all ages and backgrounds are amazed and delighted by Grupo Pakal performances.