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Celebrating 15 years of great success, Havana NRG! continues to be one of the strongest up-and-coming Latin orchestras of the world. A lot has happened since their debut in the summer of 2002. Havana NRG has been fortunate enough to perform in major venues and public event from New York City, Dallas, New Orleans, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and San Francisco.
They have also produced their debut CD, Camino al Cielo, which, to them and the industry’s surprise, has become very popular in many US markets and in countries like Japan, Italy, and others. Havana NRG has been able to prove that they are indeed “a new breed of Latin band,” the New Rhythm Generation that is taking their collective cultural roots to new levels of performance and musical direction. They owe that great success not only to a magnificent combination of fantastic musicians, but mainly to very supportive audiences everywhere. Their second CD RECETA PERFECTA released in 2009 captured more fans worldwide, today in 2017 Havana NRG continues to strive for cutting edge styles of music to evolved and have signed with Music Access, Inc. thus allowing the band to continue their creative production style and present to their fans.

Here’s what the national press is saying about Havana NRG!
“Camino al Cielo, Havana NRG! (NRG Records). “NRG” stands for “New Rhythm Generation,” and this youthful Texas group offers up a hot program of timba-influenced salsa to prove that Havana-inspired tropical dance sounds are alive in the Lone Star state. Give much of the credit to Mariela Suárez the band’s music director, who plays both piano and violin. Her talents are complemented by a solid rhythm team, a three-member horn section and lead vocalist Maiquel Romero, who is also the group’s excellent trumpeter”. Mark Holston, HISPANIC MAGAZINE, March 2004

“Listening to lots of the timba albums that came out this year, I was disappointed with perennial favorites Charanga Habanera and even the new Los Van Van. Surprisingly, I loved Receta Perfecta by Havana NRG. Why surprising? Havana NRG is a young timba band from Texas — not exactly the place you expect to hear a lot of timba. But this group of young, mostly Cuban expatriates makes the genre oh-so-approachable with infectious melodies and boundless energy. The album’s timba tunes are clear and crisp. They also mix-it-up with other tropical rhythms, which adds to a well thought out album. The ‘NRG’ stands for ‘New Rhythm Generation’ and seems to be the prescription for putting new life to a genre that’s rumored to be on life support.” Tijana Ilich, TIMBA.COM

“In spite of the end of January night winds of about 35 degrees, Havana NRG! packed the house with southern California salseros. The eight-piece Cuban orquesta came all the way from their current home in Dallas, Texas and played with a big, tight sound at the lovely Granada ballroom in Alhambra. The nearly one thousand people at the Granada for Havana NRG made that clear. It’s a wonderful thing that promoters are bringing us recent Cuban émigrés and / or orquestas that play Cuban salsa. When you hear it, it’s easy to agree with the hundreds of people packed onto the dance floor for Havana NRG at the Granada night club, dancing everything from rueda de casino, to salsa on one and on two.” Elisangela Martínez Medina, SalsaPower.com

“La fusión es su credo. El trabajo es su fe. Y el ritmo es su milagro. Texas es conocida por sus vaqueros, sus barbacoas, el petróleo y ahora por la música tropical latina. ¡Y de la buena! La zona de Dallas ha dado a luz nada menos que a una soberbia orquesta cubana llamada Havana NRG!, compuesta por ocho músicos, entre ellos seis cubanos, un neoyorican y un norteamericano”. El Nuevo Herald newspaper (Miami)

“… Havana NRG! has stardom written all over its upcoming release. This octet grooves to Cuban rhythms from beginning to end, from Camino Al Cielo to Havana City to Con Guiro, Clave y Bongo.” Nelson Rodriguez, Latin Beat Magazine

” Versatile group led by cubana Mariela Suarez, this group delivers salsa, timba, bachata, son, and merengue from the heart to audiences world-wide.” LatinPulseMusic.com

“Havana NRG! excels at the inimitable Cuban Salsa sound.” Mario Tarradell, Dallas Morning News

“Havana NRG! is a salsa band that has performed in every major venue and public event in the state of Texas, and was specially selected as one of the top 10 independent salsa orchestras in the world. The band is “a new breed of Latin band,” that is taking their Cuban roots and creating new energy and exciting new sounds.” Nasher Sculpture News

“Havana NRG’s music is a fusion of colorful rhythm and contagious energy that goes through the soul, straight to the feet… so you can dance the night away!” Maria Sotolongo, Telemundo-3 & KXAS NBC 5, Dallas

“This Cuban orchestra pumps out contagious Latin rhythms that salseros and others won’t be able to resist. Havana NRG has made its mark in Texas and is ready to take on the world.” Amanda Salinas, WFAA-8, Dallas, Texas

“Havana NRG! is a salsa band based in Texas that is preparing to launch their first full legnth CD with selections such as “Camino al Cielo”,

“Havana City” and “Con guiro, clave y bongo”. Havana NRG! is a passionate act that will soon find the national recognition.” Nelson Rodriguez, Vista USA National Magazine, June 2003

“A new era of Cuban music has arrived.” Gilbert Cortez, Latino Connection Magazine

“They are the new kids on the block; musically educated masters…” Nuestra Salsa Magazine

“Dallas-based octet Havana NRG!, made up mostly of Cuban-born musicians, is a solid Latin dance band.” Punch Shaw, Fort Worth Star Telegram