Keith Manning

Keith is one of few comics whose love of the art dictates his powerful drive. He performs to show respect and appreciation for the sweeping reach of quality comedy. He conceives original, edgy, unapologetic material to sharpen his skills and delight his audience. The overwhelming response after every show is a bonus.
A testament to his versatility, Manning culls his early inspiration from an unlikely but highly reputable source. The consummate professional studied every comedic aspect of the talented Lucille Ball from an early age. His love of comedy was shaped by afternoons of donuts and episodes of “I love Lucy”; a ritual that helped him cultivate his understanding and command of the mechanics and nuances of stand-up. Bill Cosby, George Carlin, Robin Williams and Richard Pryor served to etch out an adaptability and creativity few , other than Manning, will ever master.
This student of comedy and life possesses a keen sense of observation and strong ties to family and friends. Under a tough exterior beats a generous soul. Keith has bought this dichotomy to sold-out comedy clubs, prestigious festivals and renowned stages across the nation, including the famed Houston Improv. Manning’s career is an upward trajectory toward limitless success. Hang on tight and enjoy the journey. It promises to be a wild ride.
Catch Keith touring Colleges, Comedy Clubs and Festivals States. His writing has been recognized at the “48 Hour Film Competition, Houston, 2006” for the multiple award winning short-film, “Scripted”. He is currently a writer with the Comedy Sketch Group, The Dead Beat Club.