Knife Throwing by Deadly Games

This couple is a daring duo.


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Knife Throwing by Deadly Games

Most men don’t spend their days throwing knives at their fiance’s, but Alfredo and Aleksandra Kiedrowicz are not your average couple. The masterminds behind the knife-throwing performance, they have audiences and judges too nervous to watch their act – it says something when even the hardened Simon Cowell is too anxious to watch.

This couple is a daring duo. Deadly Games was featured on America’s Got Talent and Aleksandra won Poland’s Got Talent! Their most recent career highlight was competing on the biggest stage in the world, America’s Got Talent! (AGT), where they went all the way to the semifinals! After AGT, they finally made one of their dreams come true: they now appear regularly in Las Vegas at the AGTShow at The Luxor.

Performing under stress is what Alfredo Silva knows best. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and raised “everywhere”, he is the sixth generation of a circus family. Mastering his mind and overcoming fear would prove to be even more valuable skills when Alfredo met his future wife, and woman he would eventually spend his days throwing knives at.