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Metal Shop

Metal Shop is Texas Best 80’s Metal Band!
It all started when the band was living in Ratchett’s mom’s basement. Ginger claims “We saw a Def Leppard video on MTV (back when MTV was cool) and saw all the hot chicks that they were getting. We wanted hot chicks too, but the only way to get hot chicks is to be in a band, wear tons of makeup, cool clothes and have big hair, so we decided to start a band. We’ve been around since we were born.” Bringing you your favorite 80’s hair metal rock! Metal Shop has been rocking stages, servicing groupies and abusing roadies since 1982 back on the Sunset Strip. Stand up, SHOUT, and let your freak flag fly while we melt your faces off with Gun’s ‘n Roses, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Ozzy, Metallica, Poison, Tesla, Winger, Cinderella, AC/DC, and more while watching a true 80s rock arena style concert complete with spandex, eyeliner, hairspray and rock ‘n roll banter! If you are looking for the greatest 80s metal rock band, never fear, Metal Shop is here!

back in black
you shook me (all nite long)
highway to hell
turn up the radio
Billy Idol
rebel yell
Bon Jovi
livin’ on a prayer
you give love a bad name
bad medicine
(wanted) dead or alive
Cheap Trick
I want you to want me
shake me
Def Leppard
pour some sugar
rock of ages
in my dreams
Guns ‘n Roses
sweet child o’ mine
welcome to the jungle
paradise city
don’t stop believing
Judas Priest
another thing comin’
living after midnight
lick it up
working for the weekend
Motley Crue
looks that kill
girls, girls, girls
home sweet home
kick start my heart
Night Ranger
don’t tell me you love me
crazy train
talk dirty to me
nothin’ but a good time
every rose has it’s thorn
Quiet Riot
(come on) feel the noize
round ‘n round
rock you like a hurricane
no one like you
eye of the tiger
Twisted Sister
we’re not gonna take it
Van Halen
you really got me
ain’t talkin ’bout love
cherry pie
down boys
here I go again
still of the night
slide it in