Salvador Live Paints

Salvador Live Paints Salvador Live! is a dynamic speed painter who adds a twist to creating an image using dance and theatrical elements.


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Salvador Live Paints

Theatrical Themed Paint Shows
Need a Theatrically Themed Show for you next event? This exciting show includes additional 2 Cast members that may consist of dancers, acrobats, contortionists, or fire eaters with props to create an exciting painting experience. This show will splatter your mind!
Speed Painting Show
This unique artist spins, flips and break dances all the while painting to high energy music. Guests will be visually wowed, engaged and entertained as Salvador Splatters Your World!
Atmosphere Paint Show
Salvador Live! Will paint during a more casual atmosphere on his easel. Great for a cocktail hour or during a live auction. Option of the painting to be auctioned off that evening. Salvador Live! will interact with guests as he paints his colorful 3′x3’ or 4’x6’ masterpiece on a simple easel. Clients can request image. Must have image minimum of 2-3 weeks in advance.
Stilt Painting Show
Salvador paints on stilts throughout the evening as guests mingle.
Up to 3 completed paintings during a 4-6 hour show call. Clients can choose one painting to keep.
Interactive Graffiti Wall Show
Salvador will paint his colorful Graffiti themed Wall as guests mingle throughout the evening. Guests can also sign the wall to leave themed messages, inspirational thoughts or just sign their names!
Graffiti is a unique artform with wide sweeping images. Salvador’s standard wall of 8’x8’ typically takes a minimum of 2-3 hours to complete.
Blacklight Shows
This show is interchangeable as an extension of the speed painting, body painting or casual paint show. Guests will be visually wowed, engaged and entertained as Salvador Splatters Your World!