The Las Vegas Road Show

Combining vaudeville with comedy and eye-popping illusions, these performers have been celebrated individually for their originality, talents, and are collectively hitting the road in this sidesplitting, jaw dropping production of magic, mirth and mayhem.
Jeff Hobson: Also known as the “Host of Las Vegas,” his hilarious, over-the-top antics are both satirical, and unabashed—a tribute to the clichés Las Vegas performers are known for.
Charlie Frye: When it comes to mixing remarkable skill with physical comedy, nobody entertains like the award-winning Charlie Frye and Company.  Their awe inspiring, high-energy approach to juggling and sleight of hand is guaranteed to enthrall audiences.
Kevin James: Few illusionists are more famed and admired for their creativity than the unbelievable Kevin James.  His original creations and illusions are not only hard to believe, but impossible to forget.