The Texas Gypsies

A 4 to 7 piece acoustic combo that combines gypsy jazz with western swing!


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The Texas Gypsies

Imagine this: you’re in a quaint Parisian café listening to a delightful acoustic jazz combo. The air is filled with songs, some familiar, some exotic and intriguing. You’re caught up in the music as lightning-fast guitar runs dart in and out of beautiful violin melodies. The rhythm guitarist is strumming his guitar with fiery abandon while the bassist slaps a rhythm that your feet can’t resist. With your partner, you stand and move to the dance floor. Suddenly you stumble and trip over a Shiner beer bottle. As if waking from a dream, you realize that this isn’t Paris, France—it’s Paris, Texas! The jazz combo isn’t just playing the music of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli, they’re also playing songs once made popular by Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys. Is this some crazy dream, or perhaps some bizarre parallel universe? Of course not. You’ve just entered the world of the Texas Gypsies.

The Texas Gypsies are available as a 4 to 7 piece acoustic combo that combines gypsy jazz with western swing along with our own compositions and we have also been know to take some Hit Disco, Country and Pop tunes and give them our own unique flavor! We feature two guitars, violin and bass. Our music is at once earthy and sophisticated, appealing to a wide audience.