Unfaded Brass Band’s  unique New Orleans tradition Unfaded loves to showcase is the soulful, colorful second-line parade. Where audiences hop, skip and dance in front of, along side and behind the brass band. Waving handkerchiefs or twirling decorative umbrellas. The band can parade through functions or escort groups to restaurants, riverboats, and other destinations in this great New Orleans style.

Another great tradition the band offer is the “Mardi Gras Indian”. The band’s founder Jermaine is also a part of the 9th Ward Black Hachette tribe. Mardi Gras Indians are well known in New Orleans, Louisiana, and many dress up for Mardi Gras in suits influenced by Native American ceremonial apparel.

The beauty of this awesome band is that they appeal to everyone and are true to the traditional brass bands. Performing at festivals, clubs, weddings, parades, conventions, birthday parties, crawfish boils, picnics, Mardi Gras parties, school seminars for kids and funerals Unfaded Brass Band is the NOLA Real Deal!!!!