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4 Lads From Liverpool – A Beatles Tribute

The Beatles changed the way we all listen to music, and to pay homage to their craft and to ensure authenticity, a great deal of time was spent on researching the rich history of the group and the era they helped define. It was a moment in time that is [...]


All THAT Has ben together for over 14 years and the 8 members are world class cloggers

Alter Ego Band

Alter Ego Band has gorgeous costumes, high energy choreography, Top 40 hits, and flashing lights and 80 costume changes in their 90 minute show!


Ambrosia... In the year 1970, four young musicians from the South Bay of Los Angeles, came together to create a new invigorating style of music.


Annagrey has assemebled the best musicians and singers from various bands to form the Annagrey Ban

Band X

Band X will work with you every step of the way to customize your reception to reflect you and your tastes. They are happy to learn a few extra songs for you if we don’t do your “special” songs already (father/daughter, first dance, etc). Unlike some bands, they don’t charge [...]

Barenaked Ladies

Barenaked Ladies have managed to not just survive, but thrive, continuing to sell out venues wherever they go.

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