Talent Category: Decotainment™

Walking Bubbles

Walking Bubbles Strolling effortlessly and measuring over 8ft in diameter, clear airtight spheres allow artists to walk on the floor entertain and take photos with guests (10ft walking clearance required).

Western Living Statues

Some of the most acclaimed art depicting the old west is sculpture – Our cowboy living statues will amaze your guests- as they may not realize at first glance that they are not actually bronze casts. Delight in your guests reactions as they discover the truth! Available in Bronze and [...]

Western Pole Act

Western Pole Act -Acrobat from “America’s Got Talent 2013” is one of the Top 60 acts in Season 8 of the NBC talent competition series!

Wine Bike

Wine Bike This is a pedal driven hospitality device for serving wine or champagne. It comes with a 5 blade propeller which hold up to 45 wine glasses that sits 9’ high and rotates while the trike is driven. This is brand new and is very popular right now. This project comes with the trike and one driver who can provide 2-4 hours (with breaks) of roving wine serving.

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